Paul Shunnarah

Founder & Owner, Gauntlet Fitness






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Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Paul Shunnarah has always been an active, outgoing, and determined individual. In 2008, he graduated college from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Marketing/Entrepreneurship. Paul opened his first business, ‘Appearance Car Audio’, at the age of 18, and then a second venture, Overtime Grill & Bar, in 2009. After receiving several awards for both businesses, Paul was determined to further his career in health and fitness. So in 2013, he joined partners with Master David Sheram to open Gauntlet Fitness. Paul is a great asset to the Gauntlet Fitness Team and brings high energy and motivation to all of our clients. He is an entrepreneur who strives to bring more opportunities and local businesses to the Birmingham and surrounding communities!  

"The Gauntlet's mission has always been focused on empowering individuals, specifically women, to be confident. We are a kickboxing and fitness studio that provides our members with the resources, knowledge, training, tools, and support to grow physically strong while also teaching them techniques and practical self defense moves to protect themselves in the real world." Paul Shunnarah, Owner Gauntlet Fitness

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